Ubuntu, Acer, Broadcom’s BCM43225 and lost Bluetooth connectivity

I know that I promised to describe how to fix the function keys on a Macbook Air but I left my previous work to join an amazing project (which I hope that will see the light in a few weeks :-) ) and I had to say good bye to my precious suddenly. This basically means that I needed to step backward and fall in love again with my heavy-weighted TimelineX 3820. This Acer’s model is not a bad computer at all, but you cannot compare between a good-looking Fiat 500 and a Ferrari 458 Italia, do you?

Then, after a few minutes re-customizing the Ubuntu installation to suit my needs I realized that after upgrading the Linux kernel version (3.0), Bluetooth connectivity was gone. The OS seems to detect the Bluetooth capability off the Wireless card but there was no way to make it work again.


I searched and searched and searched for days and I found no answer.

Sincerely, I forgot about it for weeks but last Monday I’ve bought a Belkin’s music receiver on Amazon.es. Once I had it on my hands it took me less than an hour to understand that it works flawlessly (it’s awesome, believe me) tied with my phone but it was no possible to use my laptop with it… and I have all my music stored there! I needed to fix it ASAP.

Hopelessly, I googled once again and found nothing… nothing but a weird Linux module called “acer-wmi”. This module seems to make Acer’s hardware work a little better with Linux powered laptops but I decided to blacklist this module and reboot my laptop, just to try something new. And guess what happened…

My laptop take a little bit longer to boot (that’s true) but Bluetooth, Screen Bright hotkeys, Wireless Connections hotkey and much more forgotten hardware/software capabilities came back to life without further configuration. I really don’t know what’s exactly behind this module, I’m sure that it should be useful on another Acer’s laptops but not on my TimelineX3820.

For those of you interested on disabling this module, you just need to add the line below at the end of /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and reboot your computer (there is a way to remove the module without rebooting but it’s a little bit more complex and you can find some modules that requires this one and further issues that you might want to avoid).

blacklist acer_wmi

I’m enjoying my whole music library through a Bluetooth receiver, so it works! :-)


Belkin’s Bluetooth Music Receiver: Amazon.es